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So, we’re trying to fine-tune Justin’s sleep before baby comes since he’s been waking 2-3 times a night, and sleeping so restlessly (like rolling on to the floor a few times a night even), and then being a total bear the next day. So, at the advice of Justin’s Developmental Pediatrician at Children’s, we tried last night to just use one of his 2 sleep meds (with the thinking being that he was losing sensitivity to the other – so take him off for a week, add it back…). He slept maybe 1.5-2hrs at regular time, then woke up and was up playing until 4am! Whooo boy! I’m thinking the other med is still working! At least somewhat!


Random story: Last night, Justin was NOT interested in sleep or anything related to resting at 11pm. He WAS interested in playing with his talking Spiderman toy.

I told him that in 5 minutes, it would be Spiderman’s bedtime. So I got a pillow, and a towel as a blanket, and told him that Spiderman would sleep there (of course, Justin found this whole idea offensive since towels only have one purpose – thanks, Autism). So, with that idea out the window, I asked him to help get Spiderman ready for sleep. I expected Justin to ignore me. He didn’t. He decided that cuddling spiderman and “give Spiderman yummies” was how to do it. Except, Justin wasn’t giving him food. Nope. My 3-year-old had puffed out his chest and put Spiderman’s face to his breast over his shirt. Yup. Justin “nursed” Spiderman to help him to sleep.

This is despite him not having nursed since he was 25-months-old, and having had little exposure to it since.

Long day.  Long week.  I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow we head for Seattle to spend the day with family before flying (myself, Matt, and Justin) to the Bay Area early Friday morning.  We’re going to Justin’s Godparents’ wedding on Saturday (the primary reason for our trip), and Friday we’re planning to play around in San Francisco (the Zoo, Pier 39, etc).  I’m SO EXCITED for this trip!  We’re gonna have a lot of fun, but getting there has been pretty tiring.

My best friend is getting married on August 31.  I’m making my bridesmaid dress for that wedding, but, not wanting to buy yet another dress for this weekends’ wedding, I decided to make it a little earlier.  Let me tell you, it’s not easy to make a dress with one eye on an energetic 4-month-old so I’ve been doing a lot of the work at night after he goes to sleep.  Meaning late nights on top of Justin not sleeping through the night and working full time.  Seriously burning the candle at both ends. 

Finally though, tonight, I’m not touching the dress, even though it’s not done because my mom and sister are going to help me with the hem tomorrow.  It feels great.  That and a belly full of warm potstickers and a moment to sit and watch the news.

I made our packing list last week – but man, oh man, is there a lot to pack when you’re taking a baby on a plane!  Wish me luck on both rounding it all up and making it fit in our luggage! 

Oh, that and a good night’s sleep (especially since by virtue of being a mommy, a nap of more than 1 hour is totally out of the question). 

Expect a report on our trip upon our return though.  Complete with pictures and/or video.

If you don’t already know, my title refers to a line in “Young Frankenstein” where Dr. Frankenst”ee”n (Gene Wilder) gets exasperated trying to do charades to his cohorts (ditzy blonde “assistant” and Igor”) in an attempt to get them to give the “monster” a sedative. 

All this to say, that I’ve had some pretty wild thoughts the last few weeks, especially this last week where Justin’s refusal to sleep reached its peak.

Justin has slept through the night since he was about a week old.  That is until about 3 weeks ago when, after having started rolling over on a more consistent basis, he stopped.  Some nights he’d go to sleep at 9 as usual (this is his one consistency) and then wake up at 1am to be fed (which is rediculous since he was fed just before bed), then awake and fussing at 3:30, 6, and then 8.  He normally wakes up between 8-9am, but with his restless nights, rather than waking up and talking to his “friends” on the wall by his crib, he just fusses his very tired fuss.  Ghuaa.

One night last week, he refused to take a nap the entire day (no amount of walking, being in the stroller, or bouncing did any good).  You’d think he’d crash hard that night.  Oh no.  Granted, he was out earlier, but he was up literally EVERY 2 HOURS for the ENTIRE night. 

After days of thinking, “hmm… maybe a sedative wouldn’t be such a bad idea…”, I started asking around and reading like a mad woman.  It looks like this whole thing may well be part of something called the “4 month sleep regression”.  Which is what it sounds like.  Their bodies are doing so much that their brains are working much harder during sleep time to put it all together – resulting in restless sleep. 

But how do we fix it?!  We’re at our wits end! 

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to getting your baby to sleep through the night: 1.  Nursing him back to sleep every time he awakes (championed by co-sleeping families mostly), or 2.  Letting him “cry it out” (which not only seems barbaric to me, but Justin just seems to wind up tighter and tighter and never shows any sign of progress toward anything other than the resentful “how could you leave me like this” face).  Until now, we’ve been pretty much following the advice of Dr. Harvey Karp, author of “The Happiest Baby On the Block” – this is where we’ve gotten our “three squawk rule”.  Justin squawks three times and we’ll go get him and soothe him.  Trouble is, the only thing that seems to soothe him in less than 30 minutes is nursing – which is exhausting for a working mom when she’s gotta do it 5-6 times a night. 

So I finally dragged out my copy of Tracy Hogg’s “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer” and flipped to the chapter on sleep.  She had some ideas that were very middle of the road between the two get-your-baby-to-sleep-through-the-night strategies.  Saturday night, we tried her plan: rock him only until his eyes start getting heavy, then put him in his crib and say goodnight.  The idea here is to help Justin be relaxed enough when he gets into his crib that he can still look around and see that he’s someplace familiar and learn to fall asleep on his own.  He woke up just 2 times that night, and each time, I’d get up and stroke his brow and rub his tummy until he fell back asleep, only one time did I have to nurse him a little bit.  Last night, Justin went down at 9 right after nursing, and slept until 4:30am!!!  and then didn’t wake up again until 8am!!  OOT OOT!  Maybe we’re getting somewhere?  I hope so.  We’ll see how this week goes.  Pray for lots of sleep and long naps for our little boy, friends.  He’s not the most cheerful little person when he’s tired, trust me. 

Next on the agenda:  Trip to San Francisco for Nouno Niko and Nouna Stella’s wedding!

UPDATE:  Little Justin wants to sleep through the night so badly – he’s just exhausted.  Some nights he can, but others, not so much.  He lifts his knees to his chest and twists and turns… he seems miserable.  Generally though, if he can just relax enough to toot he’s able to go right back to sleep with no intervention from us.  So I’m beginning to think that it’s gas that’s waking him up.  We’ve tried various things to reduce the amount of air he swallows when he has a bottle, and we’ve even given him baby Gas-X (which seldom helps), and nothing seems to make a consistent difference.  Any thoughts or ideas?


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