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Today is Thursday, January 17, 2013.  My due date was January 5th.  That was 12 days ago for those of you who aren’t immediately fond of math.

Today I also saw my midwife.  We got some updates and did some tests.

Our little girl passed her Non-Stress Test with flying colors.  It would have taken less time though, if I’d taken the time to eat just beforehand since Miss Georgia was enjoying what seemed to be a rather pleasant nap while we were listening for her to move and show us how her healthy little heartbeat responds to the jostle.  The hope with these things is that we catch her responding to contractions – but tragically, I didn’t have a single contraction (no matter how light) in the near 45 minutes we were hooked up.  Still, some juice and some prodding from me and the midwife got the job done.

Next up was inserting a foley catheter for the purpose of induction.  What’s this?  Here’s a brief overview.  My midwife actually had some difficulty placing it though.  Why?  Because Miss Georgia’s head is so deeply engaged (back pain anyone?) she didn’t have much room to work!  We tried it with Justin and it got me lots of contractions, but no real labor.  This time around, baby is ready, we’re just waiting on contractions so this procedure might just be what it takes to tip us into labor.  FINGERS CROSSED!  PRAYERS WELCOME!

As for current “stats”, here’s where she sits – er… stands on her head:

Dilation: “Effectively” 3cm

Effacement: Same as before – “as effaced as can be without being in active labor”

Station: ZERO.  This little chica is truly “locked and loaded”.  Wonder what that really means?  Here’s a visual.

So, now we wait.   And walk.   And wait some more.  Then hopefully things get exciting and we all get to make phone calls and post pictures!


Well, within an hour of posting this as my Facebook status:

“Trying to figure out how to convince my little girl to come out! She’s got less than a week now where she gets to choose!
For now, I’m taunting her with bacon. Seriously, child! There’s BACON out here!”

I went into what was essentially early labor (about 3pm).  Good, hard contractions that started in my back, wrapped around my belly at the top and pushed down.  Went from every 10 or so minutes, and dropped to every 5-6 mins, and promptly shortened to every 3.5-4 minutes.  When they didn’t peter out after 2 hours or so, I texted my doula, then later notified the midwife.

Around 7:30pm, the midwife came over and checked me.  No progress.  Midwife was thinking that maybe Justin (who was ramping up due to bedtime being near) was preventing me from being able to relax.  We called our friends to come get him, then cancelled and opted to just have Matt put Justin to bed while my doula did some acupressure massage – love feeling contractions/rushes that make my ears feel hot – somehow they feel more powerful.

We then tried whatever we could to get things to “switch”: to move me from early labor into active labor.  We did all the stairs in our building (2 at a time), time on hands and knees, a snack, warm tea, etc.  Then contractions started spacing out a bit (which, to an extent is what we wanted), but then kept spacing out.  At 11pm, I was sent to go lie down – see if contractions would let me get some rest.  I didn’t really sleep until about 4am, but I was able to relax.  So sad and frustrating!

Anyway, I know she has to come out sometime!  In the meantime, I feel like we’re wasting a perfectly ripe cervix!

Today I’m pulling out all the stops: good breakfast, EPO, cohosh, busting out the breast pump… and of course, begging my praying friends to do just that – pray.  Pray for a prompt labor and a speedy (but not too speedy) delivery!

Happy news friends!

Dilation: 1.5-2cm (about the same as a week ago, but not shabby either – also, about what I expected)

Effacement: 85-90% !!! With Justin, when I was admitted for my induction at 42 weeks I was only at 40%! What this means: my cervix is “very ripe” and ready to go at any time the contractions decide to kick into gear!

Station: -1. This one too is pretty exciting for me. This means li’l Miss Georgia is settling well into my pelvis. When I was admitted for induction with Justin, he was at -3 (VERY high in my belly). This also means that non-medical induction techniques are MORE likely to work (ie. stripping of membranes, foley catheter induction, etc) because she’s already putting some pressure on my cervix!

WOOT! Good news! I also asked the midwife when the earliest she’d consider stripping membranes would be. She said next week, but admitted to doing a very “thorough” exam when she was getting my stats (like, just shy of “stripping” anyway). As a result, I’ve had LOTS of really good, though light, contractions all afternoon. I’ll take every single one I can get at this point since each one brings us that much closer to meeting our little girl!

Now, for a little realism here: This does not mean I’m going into labor at any moment. What it does mean is that things are pointing to both an earlier delivery (when compared with Justin), and a far reduced risk of medical induction. I’m VERY happy with this!


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