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Hi everyone.  Thought it was time for an update!

I went to work on Friday feeling pretty okay but tired.  Definitely feeling the tired the last few days.  As each day progresses, even thought I’m not have a lot of pre-labor contractions, I’m feeling more and more pressure on my cervix:  there’s no question as to whether or not I’m waddling now!

Quack indeed!

Friday night I started having some good crampy contractions which petered out as the evening progressed.  Saturday morning (my due date) I woke up with the same period-like crampiness.  Contractions came and went all day, but I am noticing that in the evenings I’m feeling more and more HARD ones where I can really feel pressure being put where it should go.

All that to say: still no labor but my body is absolutely getting ready.  I have even less heartburn now than I did last week when it was determined that baby was all the way down at -1 station, which tells me she’s even lower and better engaged now than she was a week ago.

Even had a little scare this morning as I was getting ready for Church!  After fighting my way into a pair of tights (which took nearly 15 minutes!), I felt a strange sensation like a full balloon painlessly tearing and a very little gush.  I ran to the bathroom to find that no, my water hadn’t broken, but (over-share, I know) a whole lot of thin mucus passed at once.  I mentioned it to my friend at Church and she offered that what likely happened was that Miss Georgia swiped her little hand right across where the amniotic sac is pressed against my cervix – which makes sense, since she’s jammed down there so tight now that it would take a fair bit of pressure to make that sort of movement!

In other news: we met with the maternity support nurse yesterday.  They visit you at home after the birth, do baby weight checks and provide breastfeeding support, as well as check to make sure you’re not slipping into postpartum depression (which I’m at risk for).  After talking with her about how my body and mind are feeling, I was prompted to call my midwife.    The result?  I’ve been officially over-ruled in my attempt to work until I go into labor and instructed to start my maternity leave as soon as possible.  The worry is that I’m getting too stressed, tired and worn out before labor which, in turn, increases my risk of exhaustion in labor.  So, I called it in to the short-term disability folks on Saturday and left a message, and will be calling in to work officially on Monday morning.

Now my plan is to take one day at a time, then one contraction at a time, and try to stop thinking so much about “when” I will actually start labor.

Today I’m digging in to my regimen of Blue and Black Cohosh herbs (known to help stimulate contractions – I took it with Justin too), Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), and meeting up this afternoon with my doula and some of her doula friends for a Rebozo sifting session.

Tomorrow (Monday), I’m planning to continue the cohosh and EPO, and am looking forward to a visit from my dear friend,Holly Jean who has a tiny baby girl who shares a patron saint as our Miss Georgia (St. Nina of Georgia).  I’ve found over the last month or so that holding and cuddling tiny ones helps stimulate contractions even though I’m not nursing them, so I’m hoping that may help too.  Also I’m hoping to take advantage of Justin being at school in the morning to tidy up my nest.

Lots more to be doing at home than I had when I was waiting for Justin to make his entrance, and I have no illusions about going into labor by a certain date or time.  I may suspect sooner rather than later but I’m trying to focus on each day as it comes with no expectation of anything other than Miss Georgia’s timing!



Dropping much?!
Dropping much?!




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