I’m officially 39 weeks today.

Physically I’m having more moments of being sore – like someones taken a rubber mallet to my pubic bone, or really just grabbing either side of my pelvis and twisting and stretching it in two. Then there’s the heartburn bad enough that I nearly vomit every time I burp (and I’m burping a lot). Then there’s the sinus trouble and the puffies (no clinical puffies, but suffice it to say that I feel like I have man-hands).  Then there’s the return of the morning-sickness-like nausea which gets worse every day…

I alternate between having a lot of energy and feeling completely exhausted.  Emotionally, I’m a total wreck.  I’m kind of amazed my husband still volunteers to live in the same home as me.

When I was pregnant with Justin, I worked only 25 hours per week.  This time I’m working 40+ and doing everything in my power to keep working in normal capacity (not just camping out with book-work)  for as long as possible.  I do not want to be the “whiny pregnant lady”, but at the same time I’m starting to worry that my propensity to irritability may come out on some of my coworkers.  It’s getting a little too easy to say what I’m really thinking, rather than taking the moment to find a way to be gentle.  I’m beginning to think it’ll be the emotional part that locks me in a room doing paperwork before the physical stuff does.

For now, I’m crossing my fingers (while trying not to get my hopes up) that little Miss Georgia decides to join us sooner rather than later.  I’m really looking forward to my appointment on Monday (New Year’s Eve) with the midwife – to check to see what, if any, progress I’ve made (I’d love to see dilation jumped to 2.5cm or 3, and effacement up closer to 70-80%).  Also kicking around the notion of having her sweep/strip my membranes while she’s at it and planning our series of natural induction/encouragement techniques for the next few weeks.  I’m also looking forward to learning more about what testing Group B Strep positive will mean for natural childbirth (I was negative with Justin, positive with Georgia) .  So far I know we’ll be adding an IV of antibiotics to our labor dance that I hadn’t planned on previously!