As most of you all know we are Eastern Orthodox Christians, which means that today (April 27) is Holy Pascha (Easter).  Orthodox Wiki has a great explanation for why we celebrate Easter on a different day than the West.  Anyway, Pascha is a bigger deal than even Christmas, and a lot goes into it.  We were so excited to get our Pascha basket put together, get Justin (and us) all dressed up, and be at church at 5am for the sunrise service this morning.  Well, we were excited, Justin was confused as to why we were getting up before him (the tables have turned, my friend, now we wake you!)

We were running a little late as usual, so Justin got half his feeding before we left, and half by bottle of pumped milk on the road (thanks daddy!) so he was full and sleepy by the time we arrived to our very dark church (all lights were out – even exit signs were covered to keep out light).  Sleepy, Justin was happy to oblige being in the Ergo carrier for the whole service from the darkness, to the candles all being lit, to the procession around the church, and the throwing of confetti and all of the festivities.  Despite the shouts of “Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!”, Justin mostly chilled out or slept:

All the while, Daddy helped hold our candles!

In the end, it was a wonderful first Pascha with our little boy.  He even had lots of smiles for us at the Pascha breakfast!  Yes friends and family, this is the first time we’ve gotten a picture at all of Justin smiling, so you know he was really doing it for us to be able to get the camera out and actually capture a smile for the first time!

Happy Pascha everyone!  From our family to yours.  Christos Anesti!  Alethos Anesti!