Well, here we are:  My son is 4 weeks old today, and will officially be one month old on Saturday.  He is a delight, a joy, and a whole lot of work.  He broke the 10lb weight mark officially yesterday, and is generally doing great.  His smiles light up my day, but the fact that he seems to have come down with his first cold breaks my heart. 

Yesterday afternoon he started really getting a stuffy nose, by last night he was inconsolably fussy (unless I had him at the breast where he wasn’t really eating, just sort of gnawing for comfort).  No fever, but he sneezes or coughs at least every 5 minutes and is obviously exhausted and uncomfortable.  He sleeps, but not well.  While saline drops and my super-duper bulb syringe are pretty much my side-arms right now (and bring some relief), my poor little boy is very much not happy and there is little I can do to console him. 

Any ideas to help soothe my little boy?