In the last few days I’ve realized just how many nicknames we’ve come up with and used on our wonderful little boy and thought I’d share them with you all:

5.  “Johnny Fuss-Pants”: used when Justin is been fussy or especially clingy

4.  “Toots”:  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, our adorable little boy farts like an old man.  He has therefore earned this nickname that gets used periodically throughout the day.

3.  “Señor Poopy-Pants”: I’m sure you can guess this nickname’s appropriate usage.

2.  “Sweet boy” or “Justin Boy”: Very frequently used, and generally used when cuddling or consoling my little one.

1.  “Lion King”: This started as Daddy’s primary nickname for Justin when he was still a little jaundiced (jaundiced and with as much blonde hair as Justin has, he really did look like a lion cub).  Justin also makes little squawking noises like a baby lion, and Matt thinks he looks like the Lion King from the Disney movie when you hold him up under his armpits.  This is by far the nickname used most in our house.  Justin’s favorite lullaby is “In the Jungle” as sung by daddy slightly off-key.