Little Cohosh-of-Horrors

Hello everyone.  It has now been about 18 hours since I had my membranes stripped.  I went ahead last night and went out and picked up the Blue and Black Cohosh tinctures and took a dose of them. 

The revelation?  Cohosh tincture is NASTY!   Think sea-weed mixed in rubbing alcohol.  BLECH!  Boy, am I looking forward to that 5 times a day!

And yes, I will continue it.  About an hour and a half after taking it last night, I started having good, hard contractions every five minutes (though only for about 30 or so minutes).  But be it from the membrane stripping or the Cohosh, I had those same contractions (though much more random and spaced apart) waking me up from time to time last night.  Let’s keep it going!

 So, the plan today is to continue the Cohosh-of-horrors, get the kitchen clean, walk ’til I can’t walk no mo’, and hopefully, as a result, have this baby.  It is Matt’s birthday after all.  🙂 

 More updates to come!