Just ignore the stretch marks…Just ignore the stretch marks…Just ignore the stretch marks…

Well, my little baby boy, you are hereby served with this “Notice to Vacate the Premises”. 

Today was my due date.  Sigh.  Unless this little guy gets that memo in the next 3 hours, he’ll be headed toward over-staying his internal welcome.  He’s got two weeks before he’s removed by force – so I think he ought to get a move on, don’t you think? 

I’m trying to make the message clear:  lots of walking, lots of time on the balance/exercise ball encouraging him to move southward (which often leaves my pelvis feeling super-stretched),  evening primrose oil 3x per day, vigorous vacuuming of the apartment…

Not to mention the verbal pleas from both myself and my husband which tend to go something like this:

 “Baby!  Baby!  Come out!  It’s really nice out here!  It’s not that cold, and we have blankets, and snuggles, and boobies (you’ll like those), and faces, and bright colors, and Nanna and Poppa, oh! and Daddy’s got a great beard for grabbing!”

Yeah, it generally goes that direction.  Speaking of direction, I’m thinking of drawing a map on my belly so that maybe the route will be more clear… 


Maybe tomorrow. 

Also tomorrow – a midwife appointment.  I’m looking forward to finding out where we’re at (are we any more dilated?  Any sign that he could be making his appearance any time in the next year?).  And yes, I will most definitely post a blog on the results.